Sunday, November 28, 2010

Awesome Pic of the day

This is the 1st and not the last awesome pic of the day! Awesome isnt it?

Pathetic? Facebook and Twitter Shoes

This is the picture of the new Addidas Facebook shoe. I wonder who would actually buy these things. Well the Facebook one isn't too bad but who would buy the twitter one!? Hit the Jump for  a picture of the twitter ones

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Looks like Im gonna start reading page 3!

Best commercial ever + Hot chick + Beer + car = This commercial

Magic MOFO: Best Trailer EVER

This might be the greatest trailer ever. Ill be lining up to see it on the first day.

Best Puma ad ever? YES!

Totally realistic puma ad. Best puma ad ever!

NSFW: Olivia Wilde =D

Found some pictures of Olivia Wilde that were just released and shes in a very see through shirt. =D 
Sorta NSFW
Hit the jump for the pics

OMG: Dog in Boots

That might be the funniest thing i have ever seen... Well funniest thing I've seen today that is.

Bacon!: My First Bacon

Yes you are looking at a giant plush strip of bacon that you can sleep with. So eat all the bacon you were sleeping with and buy this so you don't get those nasty grease stains on your pajamas. Apparently he also talks and says "I'm Bacon!". Add this to my Christmas wish list!
Hit the jump for link to buy

Friday, November 26, 2010

OM NOM NOM: Camel Got hungry

So it looks like a camel got really hungry and decided to eat some unsuspecting victim!

Turbacon: 79,000 Calories

So this is a video of a 79,000 calorie Turkey in a Chicken in a duck and all inside a Pig, and all wrapped in bacon

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wow Really? : Actor kills mother while screaming bible passages

So apparently actor Micheal Brea wanted his mother to repent and when she wouldn't he stabbed her to death with a samurai sword while screaming bible passages. It actually happened

"An actor who has appeared in the TV series "Ugly Betty" killed his mother with a samurai sword while screaming Bible passages, New York media outlets reported Tuesday. "

And apparently the police waited outside the apartment for around an hour before entering and arresting Micheal. The mother was alive for most of that time because neighbors heard her moans of pain.

Man someone messed up on that one. What kind of police force just waits outside while listening to the victim inside die?

"Ugly Betty" Actor Jailed in Samurai Slay of Mom - Cbs News